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My company, Portent, recently created one of the cooler pieces of content/tools I’ve seen in awhile. It’s a mood guessing device, but based on cats. It’s like, sickeningly cute, and fun too!

Give it a whirl, and please like and share it with your friends:

I am not feeling peaceful, since I’m on the launch team.  But I like the idea of feeling peaceful right now, so I’m going to channel Josh’s kitten mood.

Remind me to write sometime about my ongoing anti-engagement-ring-and-wedding-crap mission against Facebook ads, and the irony that now I work with a wedding blog AND a wedding industry client, which means that every day I have to add new filters to my Gmail to try to shunt this kind of stuff into a folder so that I don’t have to look at it in my inbox all day.

I’m not anti-marriage (or wedding) — far from it.  I’m just annoyed by the wedding industrial complex’s persistence with advertising their wares to me based on my available demographic information:  (1) 36 years old; (2) female; and (3) in a relationship (according to Facebook).  Ironically, about 99% of the wedding ads are for engagement rings… meant, I suppose, to remind me of what I don’t have, even though I’m not the ultimate purchaser of that particular product.  I’m pretty sure my boyfriend has never once seen an engagement ring ad pop up in HIS (1) 37 year old; (2) male; and (3) in a relationship (according to Facebook) Facebook sidebar.

Yeah… someday, I’m going to actuallly make time to write about this.