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Access Alert: Darrington area climbing areas

Washington state climbers…

The Washington Climbers Coalition is seeking public involvement and comment on an upcoming Forest Service decision with regard to road closures in the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. Multiple climbing areas are affected including the Exfoliation Dome area near Darrington. Please visit the Washington Climbers Coalition website for the most recent information and details on how to get involved to help preserve access to this classic Washington climbing area.

Access Update at Gold Bar, WA

Please help spread this announcement far and wide — access at Gold Bar could depend on the climbing community’s compliance with this agreement. From the Washington Climbers Coalition:

As of Winter 2012 the Washington Climbers Coalition (WCC) has secured access to the gate on the road which leads up to the Gold Bar boulders and the approach to Zeke’s Wall. Climbers who are members of the WCC are welcome to climb at the Gold Bar Boulders and to park there for access to Zeke’s Wall, as guests of the Manke Timber Company. Please note: all climbers using this road must be members of the WCC and have a WCC sticker as well as a valid Discover Pass.

Full information is online at:  http://www.washingtonclimbers.org/Climbing/goldbar.htm

Please spread the word!

Help the Southeastern Climbers Coalition

Climbing access is a global issue… here’s one little way that we can help secure access to climbing in locations in Alabama and Tennessee. ¬†Please support the Southeastern Climbers Coalition’s bid for a $250,000 grant from Pepsi:

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition asks for YOUR help to secure access to 2 excellent crags currently closed to climbing. We have entered the Pepsi Refresh Project grant competition at the $250,000 level. The winners are determined by public e-voting. If we win, and that is entirely up to YOU, the SCC will use the money to secure access to climbing areas in Alabama and Tennessee. The specific locations cannot be disclosed at this time because access hasn’t yet been secured, but trust us, they’re amazing properties to preserve and enjoy forevermore!

You may vote for the SCC’s Land Acquisition Proposal twice per day (once via text and once via web), every single day, from November 1 to midnight November 30, 2010. Every vote is valuable and counts towards the cause! The proposal with the most votes WINS!

Please sign up for our daily voting reminder by clicking here:


To vote twice right now:

  1. visit http://pep.si/b1c50c
  2. and text “104071” to the number 73774